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! Use of the Jury Managers' Toolbox is intended for state and local trial court administrators.

The NCSC has the right to block use by non-authorized users.

To register as a user on the Jury Managers' Toolbox, each court must identify an authorized court liaison who can serve as the primary point of contact between the NCSC and the court. The Court Liaison should have sufficient authority to provide written permission to the NCSC to disclose information saved on the Jury Managers' Toolbox (see JMT Privacy Policy, at right).

In the event that another user attempts to register this court on the Jury Managers' Toolbox, the NCSC will notify the Court Liaison and request that the Court Liaison determine whether the Court ID and password should be shared with that person. Click here for recommended policies and practices concerning individual user access to the Jury Managers' Toolbox.


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JMT Privacy Policy
All court and user information that is entered in the Jury Managers' Toolbox is confidential and will be stored in a secured database on the NCSC server. Individual courts can retrieve their own information, but cannot access information entered by other courts. The Jury Managers' Toolbox does provide state court administrators with access to aggregate reports about jury operations for the trial courts in their respective states as well as individual trial court reports that have been saved on the system. The NCSC will not release individual court information from the Jury Managers' Toolbox without written consent from the authorized court liaison, but reserves the right to analyze information entered into the database for internal research purposes.
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